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About Parco Engineers

PARCO Engineers was founded in 1999 with various sorts of iron and steel trade activities for infrastructure and utility projects. In collaboration with other enterprises, PARCO is involved in the manufacturing of Hot Dip Galvanized Iron and Steel, as well as Earthing Materials. We also manufacture SolSun (Solar PV mounting structures) and 11kv/33kv galvanized structures. Since Customer Satisfaction is our Primary Aim, Quality is an essential component of our organization.

As a result, we believe in supplying our consumers with High-Quality Products. We not only supply High-Quality Products, but also provide After-Sales service to keep the Company-Customer connection solid. PARCO is devoted to providing products of consistent quality and services in accordance with mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions in order to maintain customer satisfaction and confidence. PARCO's management system is based on the International Standards ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 45001:2018

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When iron in usable form is extracted from its ore, a fundamental tendency of nature is abruptly reversed. Unless protected, Iron & steel will react with natural elements & corrode in most environments, slowly returning to their natural state. Corrosion prevention is an essential factor in the economic utilization of steel. Hot Dip Galvanizing Provides ideal corrosion protection which no other coating can match considering the low initial cost, inspect ability for coating quality, durability, adhesion & resistance to mechanical damage. Galvanizing slows down the corrosion rate considerably.


The Process of Hot- Dip Galvanizing envisages the following major operations.


The Material to be galvanized is cleaned in Acid-Base solution to remove traces of oil & grease.


The pickling material is washed in running water to remove any traces of acid.(acid salts)


The degreased and washed materials is kept for some time in diluted hydrochloric acid to remove oxide films formed on the base metal /mill scale etc. The material is kept in the pickling tank depending upon the degree of rust.


The pre-fluxed material is pre-heated to a temperature of about 40-700C for demoistarization before dipping it in the zinc bath which helps in avoiding splashing/spurting of zinc.


The degreased and pickled material is dipped in fluxing solution of Zinc chloride/Ammonium chloride to have an activated layer for proper alloy formation of zinc with the base metal.


The pickling material is washed in running water to remove any traces of acid.(acid salts)


Pre –heated base metal is dipped in the molten zinc maintained at required temperature (450º to 4600C) & kept in the bath depending upon the thickness of the base metal. Zinc forms an alloy with the base metal imparting it a longer life as well as another layer of superfluous zinc. The bath temperature is automatically controlled to maintain Required Temperature.


The Galvanizing material is quenched in running water for cooling purpose.


The quenched material is passivated in dichromate solution to avoid zinc oxidation.


Materials duly galvanized is finished by cleaning, brushing, filing, etc to ensure proper quality of materials free of any physical defects


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About Solsun

“Parco” brings SolSun an opportunity, which transforms an idea of Corrosion Free Solutions into hands of common man with a view to sustain environment. A one of its kind Hot Dip Galvanized module mounting solution designed and executed with specific focus on ease of tilt.



Multi Angle

One structures 4 angles (15/19/21/25 degrees). Can be used anywhere in India according to Sun’s Position


Anti Corrosive

Zinc coating of Minimum 86 microns makes it weather proof in any conditions.


Engineering re-mastered

Simple yet clever engineering makes SolSun very quick to assemble and install. The SolSun Structure can be tilted with two workers in less than ten minutes. and has zero maintenance.

Benefits Of Using A SolSun Product

Light Weight

High Strength

Sturdy Design

High Tensile Strength

Impeccable Finish

Cost Effective

Easy to Transport

Longer Service Life

1 Structure. 4 Possibilities

Applications of SolSun

Rooftop Solar Projects

Ground Mounted

Captive Solar Power Plants

On/Off Grid connected Solar Projects

Solar Parks

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Construction is a general term meaning the art and science to
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Construction is a general term meaning the art and science to
form objects systems organizations.

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